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California new law approaching July 1st

Not only is talking hands-free on your wireless phone a good idea for safe driving, starting July 1st, 2008 – if you’re 18 or older – California law requires it.* With this new law fast approaching, now’s the perfect time to pick up a hands-free accessory. Follow the law all the way to your local AT&T store today.

(California Vehicle Code Section 23123)

We know you love your mobile phone. You call your friends, family, and business associates from everywhere: at the store, at the beach, in the shower. Okay…maybe not the shower? Well, starting on July 1, 2008, if you talk on your phone while you’re driving, you’ll need to use a hands-free listening and speaking system. Drivers cited will be subject to a fine of $20 (at least $70 with fees and penalties) for a first offense and $50 (at least $175 with fees and penalties) for subsequent offenses. Push to talk (PTT) systems, such as those from Nextel, will be exempt from the hands-free edict until July 1, 2011.

California Driving Handbook & Auto Information

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