Yes, that 80’s…"Lennon Look" is back by Porsche Design is resurfacing…Yoko Ono sunglasses

18 Nov

That 80’s… ‘Lennon look’ is resurfacing, Porsche Design has
announced a reissue of
its P’8479 model, sunglasses made famous by Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono,
who wore them on several record covers like Rolling Stone magazine,
recording sessions, press conferences, fashion shoots and when on
vacation with John Lennon.

I believe Yoko is still wearing them, even though they haven’t
been made in years.

Porsche’s Design is using an updated look using beta titanium and more
modern shapes. More on Autoevolution….


  • P’8479 sunglasses Porsche Design revived
  • They are dubbed ‘Yoko Ono’ and are made of….
  • … Beta-Titanium material, also used in space travel tech
yoko ono glasses
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