NOBODY’S PERFECT – California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger parking his Porsche in a red zone in Beverly Hills!!

25 Nov
WHOOPS!!!….Governor Arnold parking his Porsche last Saturday in a red zone in Beverly Hills!

Just weeks after his wife Maria Shriver apologized for parking her Cadillac Escalade in a red zone, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appears to have made a California Vehicle Code violation too,  ….was spotted parking his wheels, apparently Arnold didn’t learn from his wife’s mistake. Several other videos showed Maria holding a cell
phone while driving, another violation of California law.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says photographs of his Porsche illegally parked in a Beverly Hills red zone are proof that even he makes mistakes.The city typically issues a $90 citation to red zone violators.
The Republican governor said Tuesday his Saturday violation shows “no one is perfect—not even me.”

 Arnold Schwarzenegger breaking the California Vehicle Codes

You can see here that Mr. Porsche Schwarzenegger lacks a front license plate, as
required by the California Vehicle Code 5200-5206

Yes, that $100,000 silver beauty would be a unsightly look with the front license plate.
However, there are many Porsche owners that lack the front license plate, including myself for years.
So I guess I am breaking the law too!

I read this article and found out the state of California may be finding ways to make some additional revenue.
Someone did a  internet search trying to find the reason for needing a front
license plate in the first place which turned up fruitless and found a
long list of reasons to repeal the widely adopted law.

….Removing your front license plate might save you money

In the meantime, there’s one of those useless internet petitions available
to “eradicate” California’s front license plate law, so far it has
17,406 signatures. If you add your name, please sure to leave a comment
that sent you!

Jimmy Kimmel Live – Schwarzenegger’s California Report  – Video!!!!!


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