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Test-Drive Your Porsche Using Google Maps

To the Point. The New Porsche Cayenne

via Porsche is using the Google Maps API and the Panoramio API to promote the new Cayenne. The new promotional site from Porsche allows you to virtually test drive a new Cayenne, with the help of Google Maps. The site allows you to choose the Porsche model you would like to try and then select a route for your test drive. You are then presented with a personalized flash movie, that mashes up video of the selected Porsche, the route on Google Maps and photographs along your route from Panoramio. The presentation is very slick, with the Panoramio photographs and Google Map seamlessly integrated with promotional video of the Cayenne. The photos are shown in the wing mirrors and reflected off the surface of the car and the route of your drive is animated on Google Maps.


Stated as “the most requested addition to Google Maps,” the routes will be available in 150 cities across the U.S. The tool allows you to select between 5 Cayenne models and your favorite start and end point.Give it a try by visiting Porsche’s website and clicking at the “Experience yourself” link. (Porsche Via Panoramio Via Google Maps Mania]

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