Classic 1994 Marketing Video Porsche 911 993 Series Commercial – Are you listening?

12 Mar

Classic 1994 marketing video for the Porsche 911 (993 Series) television commercial….Great production if I may add. This was many years ago of course. Sweet promo piece…Patrick Stewart’s voice takes you back to the Porsche commercials for the 993, includes commentary by Hurely Haywood…This one’s definitely a keeper.

The voice that speaks to you, knows you better than any
other. The voice that knows what makes you happy. The voice knows what
makes you sad. The voice that knows.

There is a place not to far away, where people heard the voice
and listen, it said to them, build something. Build something pure.
Build something that isn’t temporary, disposable, build something to
inspire all those that experience it. Build a monument. ……….

“…looking for things that weren’t created, to be something to everyone… but everything to someone…”.
That sentence says a lot…


Music is by Deep Forest

 Porsche – “Are You Listening?”

Your heart is still speaking all you have to do is listen.

Like everything, LIFE is a journey. A journey
that begins with a beat of a heart. And the voice that comes with
it…the voice that we  haven’t yet been conditioned to ignore, so we
listen to what it tells us. We follow where it leads us, we trust it,
were children…we are happy, but somewhere between then and now, we
lose touch with the voice, no matter how closely it whispers, or how
loud it cry’s.

Instead are ears are tuned
to other things, like the stock reports, 6 o’clock news, then one day,
putting the forks in the dishwasher or mowing the lawn, we happened to
catch the glimpse of joy in our children’s faces….and we REMEMBER, what it felt like.

Remember ….what it felt like to listen to that voice in our
hearts…and go with it. Then suddenly out of nowhere this SPARK of
wisdom occurs. It becomes very clear. It’s NOT to late. Your heart’s still speaking. All you have to do is LISTEN. 

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