Porsche Artist – Alessandro Gedda

18 Mar


Alessandro’s paintings are impressive retro-style, which are made without any special preparation with pure color and color combinations (purple and yellow). Dynamic and powerful instinctive, almost the result of a momentary impulse of passion.

Artist Alessandro Gedda Website

The artist Alexander Gedda presents its new creatures oil-inspired blue. The protagonist of this last current is the third interpretation of Cayman Art, a project launched in 2007 by the painter’s passion for fast cars German Porsche, sheer dynamism and sensuality of form. The machine plasma 3D canvas, large surfaces on which intellectual ability and unleash Cayman pittorica.La first abstract art was a revisitation of the car in Stuttgart, multicromia and wide brush strokes, vibrant and fast as if they were crazy splintered.

In 2008, the second canvas to life on four wheels, on which the artist lies a bouquet of flowers inspired all’intramontabile theme of femininity. Third is the ultimate expression of perfection Cayman Art dated 2010.The painter returned to abstraction of the origins, strokes fast and secure scratching the car and enhance the design. The blue color exudes from rolling and celebrates the dynamism inherent in the art futuristic Alexander Jeddah.

To complement the car’s painted, the artist has created a collection of oil paintings on canvas. The blue color is confirmed character played great in the purest abstraction.  Exhibition dedicated to Cayman Art and the collection of oil paintings inspired by the Porsche world will be in Bolzano 5 to 7 March at 2010 KunStart where it will be exposed even after the car in Milan from March 25 to 12 April 12 at Town House Square Jerusalem.

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