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Porsche Parade to Atlanta High Museum – Type 64 Visits U.S.

This past Sunday March 21st, Porsche Cars of North America and the Porsche Club of America organized a parade of over 100 Porsches to drive from the Georgia Governor’s Mansion to the Atlanta High Museum of Art. Starting this week the museum is holding the Allure of the Automobile Exhibition. Included is Porsche’s historic Type 64 coupe which for the first time has left its home at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart and travelled to Atlanta Georgia for a three month loan to the High Museum. The Type 64 was designed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1938 and was to be used for the Berlin to Rome endurance race. But because of World War II, that never happened. The design of the car served as influenced for future models including the Type 356 and 911. In this video the CEO of Porsche Cars North America, Detlev von Platen, discusses the importance of the Type 64 for the Porsche brand and its significance for travelling to Atlanta. Note: This video also includes footage of the first 2010 GT3 RS to arrive in the United States.

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