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Customized 1978 Porsche 911 – Paul Begg, Car Designer, built the ‘RAW-sche’

Have you seen the ‘Rawsche’?

It’s not every day that you see an alcohol manufacturer getting involved with four wheeled projects. However the Australian brewery VB Raw had taken on a rather unique approach to tuning with designer, Paul Begg, by stripping a classic 1978 Porsche 911 down to bare sheet metal before rebuilding it into a one of a kind rolling masterpiece that they called the ’Rawsche’.

Everything from the modern headlamps sourced from a 993 to the classic grill over the flat six from an old 356 is pure Porsche.

What do you get when you strip back a classic 1978 Porsche 911 and rebuild it into a one-of-a-kind marvel? That’d be the ‘Rawsche’, so dubbed for its affiliation with the fresh Australian beer VB Raw.

The Rawsche was rebuilt via a live webcam on at the end of 2009, and was given away to one lucky viewer who best displayed their allegiation to the Raw cause. Which was won by Shane Nelson.

As a fond farewell to the shiny silver friend, VB Raw have put together a short video that documents the Porsche rebuild project. Thought you’d be interested in taking a look at what Paul Begg, car designer did to the 1978 classic.

About Paul Begg

The man behind the rebuild was Paul Begg. He’s an artist and designer whose style is streamlining – knocking the corners off and getting back to organic roots. You can see some of his other stuff here:

Stripping things back to their bare beauty is something the VB Raw team had in mind when it made VB Raw, a new easy-drinking dry lager that’s brewed from nothing artificial. The guys stripped the beer back to just four simple ingredients, creating a fresh tasting, easy drinking beer. By giving the Porsche the ‘Raw’ treatment, Paul achieved his desired end result – taking the car back to its ‘Raw’ basics, stripping back everything superficial and creating a totally unique car.

The key mods he made were:

  • A rounded bumper in composite fibre
  • A custom alloy valance that shows off a GT3 style muffler
  • Old school race seats in alloy with leather cushions
  • A colour combination of ‘House of Kolor’ silver, mat black and polished alloy body panels

Check out VB Raw
Check out Paul Begg

VB RAW presents the customized 1978 Porsche 911, stripped back and purring.


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