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VLN Round 2 – Nurburgring track: Porsche Manthey Racing wins and Porsche sees its 911 GT3 R Hybrid on podium.

Photo credits: Thanks to Jan Erren from Manthey Racing via Johan Koning Hemmerling

VLN Round 2: Manthey Racing wins and Porsche sees its 911 GT3 R Hybrid on podium.

Round 2 of the endurance racing series VLN was held in the famous Nurburgring track this weekend.On the top of the podium was once again Team Manthey Racing with their #114 Porsche 911 GT3 R 997. This is now their second in a row win for this series so far.

Coming in 2nd place was the formidable Phoenix Racing with their #99 Audi R8 LMS.

In Round 1, they set the fastest lap of the day. In 3rd place, was again Team Manthey Racing but this time with their #740 Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid.

This was 3 spots higher than their finish in Round 1. Impressive advancements with their Hybrid technology. In 4th place was Black Falcon’s #1 Audi R8 LMS.

In regards to the BMW racecars, here’s how they did.

Team Schnitzer (BMW Motorsport) with their #743 BMW M3 which had a successful round 1 finishing in 3rd had issues this time and end up finishing in 46th place.

Team Schubert with their #91 BMW Z3 GT3 which placed 9th in the previous round have improved their spot this time around finishing in 6th place.

Click here to view the full results of Round 2.

Round 3 will be in couple of weeks April 24th. To find out more about the series, goto


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