What If Porsche Made a Pickup Truck?

26 May

Ever wondered what it might be like to pull a trailer at 120 mph on the German autobahn?
Neither have I, but designer Nouphone J. Bansasine apparently has. He’s created a new vehicle idea for Porsche’s lineup: a pickup truck.It’s called the Porsche TranSport Truck, and it’s supposed to be the ultimate fusion of luxury and load-carrying capability.

Bansasine figures that since Porsche is selling SUVs and recently added a four-door sport sedan, why not a pickup, too? We’ll let you answer that question. Maybe Porsche could base it off the VW Amarok? In the meantime, we’re going to imagine hitting the Nürburgring after the next trip to Home Depot.

Porsche Pickup Truck Rendering

Porsche Pickup Truck Rendering

I’m sure it would come with lots of cool tech; air lift suspention, paddle shift 6 speed etc, an all wheel drive system close to what the SUV has.

I wouldn’t buy one, but I bet there is people out there who would.

[Source: Bit Rebels]



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