Porsche TranSport Pickup Truck – concept

27 May
Designer Nouphone J. Bansasine knows that Porsche already has a Porsche Panamera sedan, the Cayenne SUV, and a sports car line up. Now comes the time for a new Porsche TranSport!

May 23, 2010 — This concept focus upon for high end market buyer. To achieve the concept strategy, below is his proposal to design the Porsche TransSports Premium Truck to be more power, sophisticated, premium and better handling performance than the rest of the competitors. The ultimate goal is to gain the consumers interest and trust in Porsche.He believes this proposal will achieve not only its estimated growth in the prestigious image statement but also the overall branding of the Porsche quality product. Unlike in the past, the automotive industry is highly sophisticated and technology advanced. As a result, consumers demand more and the automotive industry are challenged with competing for consumers loyalty.
Engine Displacement
1.The engine locates behind the occupants underneath the truck bed..
2.Front hood will be used for a trunk and available space for gas tank.
3.Transmission locates underneath the truck bed.
4.Combustion Powered is in consideration.
5.Engine flat six
Designer: Nouphone J. Bansasine
Yankodesign 2010 Porsche for Hauling


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