PORSCHE: The Early Years Rare Video Footage

03 Sep
“Prof. Dr. Ing h.c. Ferdinand Porsche”, designer of Grand Prix and road cars, finds a financial and philosophical ally in a new German government eager to extend motoring to the “volk”, or people.
Prof. Dr. Ing h.c. Ferdinand Porsche (3 September 1875 – 30 January 1951) was an Austro-Hungarian automotive engineer. He is best known for creating the Volkswagen (Beetle) as well as the first of many Porsche automobiles, and for his contributions to advanced German tank designs: Tiger I, Tiger II and the Elefant.

Porsche was awarded in 1937 the German National Prize for Art and Science, one of the rarest decorations in Nazi Germany. Porsche’s son, Ferry Porsche, is the eponym for Porsche automobiles, initially based to a large extent on the Volkswagen Beetle design.

Though he and his son founded the high-performance sports car firm that bears the family name, Ferdinand Porsche Sr. (1875-1951) is remembered as the visionary who created the Volkswagen Beetle in the 1930s.

Already a renowned automotive designer, Porsche’s dream was to create a small, affordable car for the European mass market.


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