AYRTON SENNA – The Right To Win

12 Nov
AYRTON SENNA – The Right To Win

Nothing more can be said best than that Ayrton was the greatest Formula 1 racing driver, and possibly the greatest racing driver bar none to have ever lived.

Ayrton was more than a racing driver, but more of a car control genius. His ability to feel the track, and to feel the car goes unmatched until this day. Senna set the bar higher than any driver not because of the amount of wins, but rather due to the style of driving. He had a unique understanding of cars that no one else has had since. As a result, the Honda/Acura NSX turned out as one of the greatest Japanese super cars produced at the time with it’s unique handling.

Ayrton was indeed more than a racing driver, he was a human being. Contributing a vast majority of his wealth to children foundations in Brazil, and even stopping when a fellow driver got into an accident. He showed that winning didn’t mean just crossing the line, it meant winning by doing what you did best. Driving is driving, but winning with dignity is another story.  Senna was spectacular every single time he got in a car.” Truly unmatched. Long live a legend, long live Ayrton Senna.

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The NSX was inspired by The Greatest Racing Driver of ALL times: Ayrton Senna!NSX was built from Senna’s suggestions on the perfect shift timing according to the RPM, late braking on corners and suspension control.

HONDA NSX (EXTENDED VERSION) BY FORMAT67.NET -The Most “Worth It” Six Minutes Of Your Life

Please do not forget that this video is not only a tribute to the car, but also a tribute to Ayrton Senna. Because he did a lot for Honda. This video is dedicated to the Great Racer and a Great Car.

“The main thing is to be yourself. Many times its through a mistake that you learn. And the main thing is to make sure you learn through your mistakes and get better.” ~Ayrton Senna~

Ayrton Senna – The Right To Win

Senna’s extreme will to win, his phenomenal concentration, his rivalry with Prost, his tremendous mental and physical condition and his final race at Imola in 1994.

In the documentary film “The Right to Win” made in 2004 as a tribute to Senna, Frank Williams notably recalls that as good a driver as Senna was, ultimately “he was an even greater man outside of the car than he was in it.”

Ayrton Senna memorial statue

The Documentary About Ayrton Senna

Senna movie treat in store for F1 fans this Autumn

This year a movie documentary is being released in cinemas around the world about Ayrton Senna, this is the first ever movie in history to be about Formula One and will be recounting the racing career of one of F1s greatest driver. Here is the link to the trailer for the new Ayrton Senna documentary.

Senna Trailer

All time legend of the sport, Ayrton has been missed and will always be.

Top Gear… Ayrton Senna – Top Gear Tribute

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