VIDEO: Early 1960s Porsche Factory Tour Showing All Facets of the Construction of the 356 – Made by Hand

26 Jan
VIDEO: Early 1960s Porsche Factory Tour Showing All Facets of the Construction of the 356 – Made by Hand

Ever wonder what Porsche 356Bs looked like coming together in Stuttgart? Here is some excellent factory footage showing various stages of manufacturing the little sports cars.

MADE BY HAND: A nice  five part video series from the 1960s takes you through the entire build process of the famed German sports car.  If you aren’t into metal work details, it might be worth it to skip ahead to video II. But the remaining four videos are definitely worth watching…enjoy!

This series is an official documentary showcasing the production of the Porsche 356 one of the most beautiful pieces of automotive designs ever produced.

According to the YouTube caption the documentary was filmed at Zuffenhausen in the early 1960s. The Super 90 engine is discussed and putting all those things together suggests these are 356Bs that are being built.

The film has been split into five parts and runs for around 40 minutes. However it is well worth the investment in time to watch all the clips. If you do you will be rewarded with some fascinating footage of old skool production techniques.

Porsche employed a stringent quality control regime and seeing how laborious that was is a real eye opener. In today’s era of highly automated production manual checking like that would not be cost effective. The three-man transmission installation technique shown in Part 4 is also, thankfully, a technique now consigned to the history books.

There are five long videos below, so sit back, relax and enjoy! Or come back later to watch the 5 part series when you have some time to kill.

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