Porsche Unveils The New Electric Boxster E – Undergoes Testing

16 Feb
Porsche Unveils The New Electric Boxster E – Undergoes Testing

Porsche Unveils The New Electric Boxster E

Porsche unveiled a new Boxster variant this week, the all electric Boxster E is a “mobile laboratory” for testing Porsche’s future electric drivetrain technology. There are currently 3 identical Boxster E’s being tested on the roads of Stuttgart, near the Porsche factory in Germany.

With 240hp and AWD the Boxster E makes the 0-60 dash in 5.3 seconds, it uses twin electric motors and has a 29 kWh battery system mounted behind the seats, offering ideal weight distribution. Porsche hasn’t revealed the top speed, range or charge time specifications for the car as Porsche is staying tight lipped about it, not uncommon when it comes to test-bed cars.

Most industry insiders are suggesting that this will be the first all electric offering from Porsche and may hit showrooms as early as 2012 with 2013 being offered as a slightly more realistic shipping date.

The Boxster is the smallest and lightest car in Porsche’s current model line up, making it ideal for an electric car conversion. Porsche has been making serious inroads into the electric and hybrid vehicle space in the past 12 months with the introduction of both the 918 RSR and the 911 GT3 Hybrid.

More updates will follow as news and information comes in from Porsche.There’s no word on when consumers will be able to get their hands on an all-electric version of the Boxster, and other details on the guts of the car are fairly sparse.

Source: Porsche AG


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5 responses to “Porsche Unveils The New Electric Boxster E – Undergoes Testing

  1. MNassar

    February 16, 2011 at 10:05 pm

    Most impressive!

    Although I’d still take my flat 6 any day!


    • dedeporsche

      February 16, 2011 at 10:14 pm

      Hi Mohamed….thanks! Of course…you would..;-))

      The all-electric Porsche Boxster E are part of a trial ….in conjunction with the Stuttgart local government and local businesses of clean propulsion such as electricity.
      This rolling laboratory test bed will help Porsche engineers know how… electric cars affect our lives. Porsche sees the potential in not just hybrids, but electric cars too. Electric motors make a lot of sense from a performance potential, delivering instant torque with fewer moving parts. But before Porsche dives head first into producing electric cars, they want to see what electric car drivers need in terms of power, range, and infrastructure. The idea of an all-electric Porsche test fleet says to me that such a vehicle isn’t all that far away.


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  3. Chris Nally

    February 18, 2011 at 3:50 am

    Always interested in new technology, so the future we hope is bright. So I will take one :-}
    cheers from Australia



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