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Clever Porsche Owner Saves his Porsche from Kentucky Flood Waters!!

The owner of what appears to be a rare “Fly Yellow” colored 964 Porsche 911 saved his car from the flood waters encroaching his or her property near Louisville, Kentucky.

This owner has their Priorities right !!

A Porsche sports car sat high and dry in rising flood waters as it floated on a cushion tethered to a home along the Ohio River in Oldham County, near Louisville, April 26, 2011. (PHOTO CREDITS:  AP Photo/The Courier-Journal, Pat McDonogh) PAT MCDONOGH | ASSOCIATED PRESS ….Read more:

I posted these photos on my Facebook page earlier, after I read the latest news on the Kentucky Flooding.  I was hoping to find more information from my fellow Porsche friends.

Is this a...Porsche Club of America  member in Louisville Kentucky? Sure would like to know who the owner could be. I am sure something will be said about this at PCA National Headquarters. I did hear some rumors who the owner might be…but not confirmed yet.

Don’t think the owners had time to drive it anywhere, and I think that’s the garage door behind the car?….this Porsche owner definitely was prepared and outsmarted the flood waters…..That is some creative thinking!

If it’s the area I’m thinking of, the water probably came up too high for him to drive it away before he realized he needed to do something with it. Looks like a inflatable Boat lift he used by Air-Dock. Works in any water depth. ……………………………………..  Whatever floats your boat!  VERSATILE    *    SIMPLE    *    AFFORDABLE

The guy is the ultimate Boy Scout…..!!!
What would you do if your PORSCHE was trapped and about to be washed away?

Leave your comment’s below………..

I would definitely vote for the “Porsche Enthusiast of the Year” award!!!

UPDATE May-4-2011 9:06 PM: According to the local PCA chatboard, where this Porsche is located, the owners efforts, while heroic, didn’t save this Porsche. We’re waiting to hear back from the owner or someone close to them to verify, but that’s what’s being reported on the PCA chat service. We really hope it’s not true…

UPDATE May-6-2011: The rumors were wrong! The floating Porsche 964 survived. Read the interview with the owner of the floating Porsche for more pictures and details.

We Interview the “Floating Porsche” Owner and Learn its Fate


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