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Porsche enthusiast, Flying Lizard fan, Photographer SEAN KLINGELHOEFER, gives us a tour on what it takes to do a photo shoot of the Flying Lizard Motorsports Le Mans Porsches

Flying Lizard 2011 Porsche GT3 RSRFlying Lizard 2011 Porsche GT3 RSR Photographer: Sean Klingelhoefer

Sean Klingelhoefer posts another “Making of” behind the scenes look of his Automotive photo session with Porsche Flying Lizards GT3 RSR for Le Mans 24 hour 2011.

It is with great pleasure that I give you a look behind the scenes of the most challenge yet most fun photoshoot I’ve had to date. It should come as no surprise since I’m a Porsche enthusiast and Flying Lizard fan that I jumped at the opportunity to work with the team. It all started with some discussions during the off season, then a few months ago the head of PR/marking got in touch with me about a photo shoot concerning images for Le Mans. What I didn’t know at the time were the constraints I would be facing for the shoot.

READ MORE HERE>>>>> about Sean and the photoshoot of the 911 GT3 RSR Flying Lizards Le Mans Porsche with graphic design by Troy Lee

P1030198Flying Lizard 2011 Porsche GT3 RSR Photographer: Sean Klingelhoefer

Source:Sean Klingelhoefer Blog

Sean Klingelhoefer is a photographer specializing in automotive/motorsports photography and post production. He lives in Los Angeles …..more about Sean here 


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