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Campbell Levy Designs – Works of Art, Handcrafted Lamps of Auto High-end Crankshaft and Cylinder Heads

BEND, OREGON…Porsche Crankshaft Lamp part of the permanent collection. 

Campbell Levy Designs – Handcrafted.  Exquisite.  Powerful.

You don’t have to decide whether it’s an intriguing work of art, a beautifully crafted lamp, or a memorable way to show your passion for the automobile…because it’s all three.

Centennial, Colorado – Designed and created entirely in their own studio, Campbell Levy Designs, has created a line of high-end crankshaft and cylinder head lamps for the truly discerning auto aficionado’s home or office.

Close up of 356 Porsche Roller Bearing Crankshaft Lamp

Each of the lamps are one-of-a-kind, custom made by Father-Son duo, Edward and Campbell Levy.

Close up of base treatment Porsche 356 Roller Bearing Crankshaft Lamp. Lite weight flywheel.

Extreme attention to detail, and perfection are instantly associated with the lamps created in the Colorado Studio.

426 HEMI CRANKSHAFT LAMP – Rods actually rotate

“Beautiful,” “Outstanding,” “A true work of Art” are just a few of the praises from customers.

DOHC Head Lamp, Mirror Polished on Walnut, with Mica and Silk Shade, with Chromed Cogs

For the first time, collectors, racers, and auto enthusiasts are able to bring their passion from the racetrack or garage inside their homes.

Porsche SPG Roller Bearing Crank, Chromed, Lightened Race Flywheel, Custom Machined External Wiring Frame

With numerous options, such as nickel plating, custom made shades, and innumerable finishes, each lamp is truly an extension of one’s love for the automobile.

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Representing much more than a simple lamp, every Campbell Levy Designs creation encompasses power, beauty, and one-of-a-kind design, and instantly becomes the center of attention in any space it inhabits.

Source and Contact Information:

Campbell Levy Designs LLC
6032 East Hinsdale Avenue
Centennial, Colorado 80112
(303) 796-7496

Edward Levy

Campbell Levy



CAMPBELL LEVY DESIGNS LLC has been designing and building custom Crankshaft and DOHC Head Lamps since 1974. Recently they have expanded their range to include one off tables of many different configurations, which include glass and marble elements. Be sure to check their website and Facebook page for the latest editions to the line.

Campbell Levy Designs began in 1974 when Edward Levy built his first crankshaft lamp. “The idea came when I saw a BMW engine taken apart, and the architectural qualities of the crankshaft were immediately appealing to me.”

The prototype lamp which emerged from the BMW became the first of a long line of custom crankshaft lamps to come, and it still sits on the desk of the Rocky Mountains’ oldest BMW & Mercedes dealer.

The lamps were an instant hit among all of the premier automobile dealers in the Colorado area. Each piece of art maintained extreme attention to detail, and the intricacies of each new lamp were obvious. Even from the beginning, nothing short of perfection was acceptable.

Edward Levy by no means was a stranger to the automobile scene. He began his career in Manhattan, selling Maserati’s, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Porsche’s, BMW’s, and Mercedes. His first and favorite cars included a brand new Austin Healey 3000 and a Lotus Elan SE coupe.  Many more cars followed.

Recently, Ed’s son Campbell joined the venture. “Along with everyone else, I’ve always admired my Dad’s crankshaft lamps, and I thought it was only natural for us to share his creations with as many people as we could.”

Campbell Levy attended Knox College in Illinois for two years, where he played soccer. In 2001, he transferred to the University of Denver, where he graduated with degrees in Political Science and English in 2003. Following university, he pursued his passion for the outdoors in Whistler, British Columbia, where he pursued skiing and mountain biking. He rode his bike back down the Coast from Whistler to California, and then returned to Colorado to pursue the business of building lamps with his father.

Campbell Levy Designs’ goal is to continue to build custom lamps to the highest possible standard, and to share them with fellow automobile afficionados all over the world.

We are finding that the more lamps we build, the more creative we become. We constantly have new ideas, and there is no limit to what we can create. Whether we are building a completely custom creation, or simply building a classic, you will love our lamps as much as we do. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We are looking forward to showing our lamps at the RETRO AUTO exhibit at the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance in August 2011, we hope to see you there. 

Edward & Campbell Levy


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RALLY NEWS: Jeff Zwart makes road trip, Porsche 911 GT2 RS debut at Pikes Peak June 26th, 2011

Seven-Time Champion Jeff Zwart Will Drive the Car this Saturday June 18th From California to Colorado

Atlanta – June 16, 2011 – Seven-time Pikes Peak Hillclimb champion Jeff Zwart, from Woody Creek, Colo., will not only take Porsche’s fastest road car ever up the mountain next week at the world’s most famous hillclimb, but he will drive the street-legal, 620 horsepower 911 GT2 RS the 1100 miles from Porsche Motorsports North America in Santa Ana, Calif. to the event.

Zwart, a commercial film director, will defend his 2WD Time Attack class championship from last year, when he smashed the class record by more than 30 seconds in a modified Porsche 911 GT3 Cup road racing car. He returns to his roots at Pikes Peak – testing the limits of the ultimate street Porsche on the mountain.

Footage of Jeff in one of his shakedown runs in the 911 GT3 in preparation for his record setting Pike’s Peak hillclimb. by on Nov 24, 2010

With technical support from Porsche Motorsport North America (PMNA) and Michelin Tires, Zwart will be contesting the 89th running of the hillclimb classic, the second oldest race in America (behind the Indy 500).

Zwart said that running a 2WD car – only the third time he has done that in his previous ten starts – will be easier because of last year’s experience, but the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, one of just 500 produced, will still be a bit of a handful. He also entered a previous generation Porsche 911 GT2 in 2003.

“Although I have gained more than 150 horsepower from last year’s car, I have also gained a lot of chassis weight – the difference between a street car and a race car. Also, I made good use of the sequential-shift transmission last year in the race car, and now have a six-speed manual gearbox to operate through Pikes Peaks’ 156 turns,” said Zwart.

The course is even more challenging for the veteran Pikes Peak competitors this year, as there are only two miles of gravel left on the mountain, which is slowly being paved completely to help attract additional tourist traffic. By next year, the road, which starts at 9,390 feet above sea level, and ends at 14,110 feet above sea level, will be all tarmac.

The road trip
This Saturday, June 18, Zwart and his crew will pick up the car at Porsche Motorsports North America in Orange County, California, and drive it over the Interstate Highway system to Colorado Springs, arriving sometime Sunday evening.

“We wanted to show the sports car enthusiasts that the Porsche 911 continues to be a car that meets multiple transportation needs, something its owners have known for years. You do not have to hit the top speed of 205 miles-per-hour to enjoy this car on the road, yet we hope to use the 600-plus horsepower to get us up Pikes Peak fast enough to win the class and break our own record,” said Zwart.

Last year, Ex-DTM pilot Roland Asch (Germany), race driver and TV commentator Patrick Simon (Germany), as well as journalists Horst von Saurma (Germany) and Chris Harris (Great Britain), drove a street-legal Porsche 911 GT3 RS, from the factory race shop in Weissach to the Nurburgring in Germany for the 24-hour race. The German and his three teammates completed a total of 145 laps without any technical mishaps.

Zwart has won his class at Pikes Peak – all in Porsche Turbo street cars – in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, and 2002 – plus his 2010 win in the naturally aspirated 911 GT3 Cup, setting new class records four times. Recently, he co-drove a Porsche Cayenne with Pikes Peak veteran Paul Dallenbach at the challenging TransSyberia Rally (Moscow to Mongolia) in 2007. He also has an SCCA PRO Rally Championship (1990 with Rod Millen) and a SCORE Baja 1000 class win (2004) to his credit.

The 89th running of Pikes Peak will start official practice on Wednesday, June 22, with Zwart scheduled to run the bottom third of the 12.42-mile course. The Porsche will run the middle part of the course during Thursday practice, and the top part of the course on Friday.

Friday is also Fan Fest in Colorado Springs, and the race Sunday begins at 9:00 AM MDT.

Race Week Schedule

Results will be posted on the official Pikes Peak web site –

SOURCE:  Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA), based in Atlanta, Ga.


Porsche Motorsports of North America, Inc. presentation with Jeff Zwart at Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion – August, 14th, 2010. Jeff Zwart talks about his record setting Pikes Peak International Hill climb

video by Dede Seward

More updates to follow as they come in regarding Jeff Zwart Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

Feel free to comment below, love to hear from you. Thank you for all your support.


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