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Excellence :: Brutal Fast 930 – 1979 911 Turbo

A brutal — and brutally fast — 930.

SITTING DECIDEDLY UPRIGHT, WITH BOTH SHOULDER BLADES firmly planted in the tall racing Recaro and both hands grasping the period Momo wheel, the view forward is paradoxically feminine yet masculine.

This 1979 930’s familiar, voluptuously sensual pontoon fenders are flanked by madly flared wheel arches, leaving you with glimpses of Group 4 domination.

“When I get into a 911 after driving a Porsche racing car, it doesn’t feel like I’m in a completely different car,” said the late Al Holbert, who certainly knew his Porsche race cars and eventually took over running Porsche’s motorsports activities in North America.

After stepping out of the very real 934-002 and into the cockpit of this 934 replica, I know what he meant. But then, this car’s inspiration gives it an advantage, because the 934 remains Porsche’s most street-like race car to date.

After my left hand summons the ignition, a cacophonous rumble penetrates the cabin.

As the big, turbocharged flat six settles into a brutal idle lumpified by the long overlap of 934 cams, the undulations of each stroke of each cylinder pulsate the chassis. It’s such an experience that, before setting off, I open the door, get out, and walk to the back of the car.

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