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Video: Porsches SEEN by the EYES of a flying DRONE at the Porsche Museum

A SNEAK Preview “teaser” of the LATEST upcoming ONLINE video inside the Porsche Museum.

 on Vimeo

Yes, it is flying Drones doing the film making of the Porsche mother ship!


Christopher Kippenberger executive producer of RampTV ramp Auto.Kultur.Magazin teams up with prestigious German car magazine “” to coordinate and over see content creation. Something NEW and exciting with DRONE film making .



Filmmakers are increasingly turning to camera-equipped drones to film aerial shots. Here, a German expert gives us the 400-foot view of a new mode of movie making.

Berlin-based filmmaker Christopher Kippenberger believes that quadrocopters–cheap, inexpensive unmanned aerial vehicles–are the future of sports film. Kippenberger’s firm, Kippenberger Racing, specializes in aerial photography of auto races and of cars in general for outside clients. The company’s business model is simple: Aerial filmmaking via helicopters is expensive, but aerial filmmaking via drone is cheap.

One of Kippenberger’s latest videos, produced in collaboration witheGarage, takes a look inside Germany’s child go-kart subculture. While conventional cameras were used for the on-the-ground portions of the video, a UAV was used for the awe-inspiring aerial race segments. Continue reading more here

Yes, this is just a “teaser” on what is coming. Stay Tuned for More!! Be Prepared!

and I know you will like it!

On March 7th “” is launching its new website.

Source: Christopher Kippenberger / KIPPENBERGER PR & CONTENT PROTOTYPING


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