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Video: Let’s start your engines! …the Porsche Sport Driving School in Europe is on YOUR to do list!


 The Porsche Sport Driving School in Europe offers a great variety of training events for everyone.

Definitely not for the faint of heart, the Porsche Sport Driving School offers to all who dare to rise to the challenge, the opportunity to live their automotive fantasy.


Set yourself some new goals. Sporting ones, for example.

Explore the realm of possibilities and expand your own personal limits, improving your lap times out on the track or developing your driving skills further on the road.

\viewer (1)

All the courses are designed to enhance your driving skills and safety.

At various levels and always under the guidance of professional instructors.

You can either start with the introductory

Warm-up or go straight to Precision training. The next level up, Performance training, focuses on improving your vehicle control in hazardous situations.

viewer (3)

Following on from that, Master training prepares you for entry into the world of motorsport.

If desired, Porsche Sport Driving School can even help you to achieve, a high, yet attainable goal: applying for a racing license – your ticket to compete in customer racing events.

viewer (2)

The ultimate goal is to improve your driving skills on an ongoing basis, enabling you to drive more safely in hazardous situations and, of course, enhance your enjoyment – behind the wheel of a Porsche. The Offer

All training events:

PSDS Katalog 2013 

PSDS Dates and Prices 2013

Contact information:

Porsche Sport Driving School
airtours – a TUI Deutschland GmbH brand
Porscheplatz 1
70435 Stuttgart
Tel: +49 (0)711 911 – 23364
Fax: +49 (0)711 911 – 23277

SOURCE: Porsche Sport Driving School Germany


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Porsche Design TwinBag, Finest craftsmanship, down to the very last detail

TwinBag in green ostrich leather

TwinBag in green ostrich leather

Porsche Design TwinBag

Stuttgart. The luxury brand’s first women’s handbag will be available from March 1st in all Porsche Design Stores around the world and in the official online store. The TwinBag is distinguished by its unique design and exclusive leather materials, expertly crafted by workers in Florence.

Finest Craftsmanship

Finest Craftsmanship

The main highlight is the bag’s clever carrying concept: its adjustable handles allow the TwinBag to be worn as either a handbag or a shoulder bag. The German luxury brand’s first handbag rounds off its fashion and lifestyle range for women.

Finest Craftsmanship

Finest Craftsmanship

Italian craftsmanship shines through in every detail of the TwinBag, making it a true masterpiece. Produced from a single piece of calf leather, the bag is painstakingly stitched by hand in an intricate production process.

Finest Craftsmanship

Finest Craftsmanship

Its Italian production ensures the finest workmanship and particular attention to detail – the handbag benefits from knowledge and tradition passed down through generations of Florentine craft workers.

Finest Craftsmanship

Finest Craftsmanship

The Porsche Design TwinBag is one of the most exclusive bags around this season. Premium quality was a key focus in the selection of materials. The leather is tanned using an ecological process, the lining is made from soft Alcantara and the metal fittings are finished using an elaborate electroplating procedure.

Finest Craftsmanship

Finest Craftsmanship

After vegetable tanning, the selected leather varieties – exclusive ostrich leather, elegant crocodile leather and modern calf leather – are processed with the highest precision and utmost attention to quality.

An elaborate electroplating process is used to produce six different finishes for the timeless metal fittings which are then polished by hand. The fittings are made from precious metals, such as gold, white gold, rose gold, matt gold, silver and chrome.

Finest Craftsmanship

Finest Craftsmanship

The many different combinations of fine leather varieties and finishes result in a very distinctive look for each TwinBag model.

Finest Craftsmanship

Finest Craftsmanship

The highlight of the first TwinBag collection is a grey crocodile leather bag with white gold fittings.

TwinBag in blue ostrich leather

TwinBag in blue ostrich leather

Gold details adorn the green and blue ostrich leather bags, while the grey leather bag sports chromeblack metal fittings.

TwinBag in grey crocodile leather

TwinBag in grey crocodile leather

The individual numbers on the crocodile and ostrich leather versions further emphasise their exclusivity. The collection is rounded off with a total of 13 stylish and modern calf leather versions. The TwinBag colour spectrum ranges from elegant white to timeless beige and classic black.

Featuring a two-way zip for easy access, the interior of the TwinBag is designed with functionality in mind: it is roomy enough to hold DIN A4-size documents and a 13-inch laptop.

TwinBag in grey ostrich leather

TwinBag in grey ostrich leather

Additional information can be found on

Cost: Well, the bags, which are produced in Florence, Italy and range from $1,990 to $11,900 CAD (note: special order handbags top out at just under $30,000), will be available in March 2013 in all Porsche Design stores and online.

Crocodile, with 18K white gold hardware, handbag $29,000, by special order.

Source: Porsche Design Media Database


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Driving Gloves for you and your Porsche by 4tich Design Edition 1 – Kickstarter Project

4tich Design Edition 1 by 4tich LLC — Kickstarter
 Christopher Fortich

“The world’s first driving gloves with genuine Alcantara from Italy.”

“I couldn’t find driving gloves that were decent and fit well, so I design them myself.”  

Here’s the design solution:
Christopher Fortich designed his first pair of driving gloves because he couldn’t find a pair on the market that looked decent.  Christopher believe’s he has designed a glove that will look good on any occasion.

Whether you are cruising in your sports car, sitting in traffic in your commuter car, or even just riding your bike down the street, these gloves will look great on you!

So, Christopher developed Design Edition 1 with several aspects in mind:

  • First the backside is made from supple sheepskin leather and each finger has 4 small hole perforations to provide aeration.

  • The knuckle section is a unique 4-ribbed section that comfortably stretches as you make a fist.  Just say no to gloves with knuckle holes!

  • The open back side has a piped edge that provides comfort while worn as well as giving the glove a traditional look.

  • The snap button closure enables you to fasten and unfasten the glove’s band quickly.

  • The gloves are unlined to provide comfort and a better fit.

Finally, the palm side is double reinforced and made from genuine automotive grade Alcantara from Italy.  Alcantara is a patented and revolutionary composite material that is currently used in many exotic automotive interiors.  It is highly durable and provides a nice texture that is similar to real suede.

However, Alcantara is a very expensive fabric.  Ironically, it is more expensive than real suede.  I chose the grey and black colors because they would closely match most automotive interiors and provide a sporty yet elegant look.

Christopher is proud to say that his design is the world’s first driving glove made with genuine Italian Alcantara.

Current sizes are based on Men’s glove sizes: M, L, XL, XXL which correspond to standard glove sizes 8.5, 9, 9.5, and 10, respectively.  The following sizes have been selected for the first production runs due to the high costs of cutting  mould’s necessary for each component of each glove size.

Once the 4tich brand is more established, other sizing options may be offered.

Estimated start for production of Design Edition 1: December 2012

Estimated completion for production of Design Edition 1: February 2013

About the designer:

4tich LLC Christopher Fortich  San Francisco, CA 

I’m Christopher Fortich and this my first adventure into entrepreneurship. I started the company 4tich LLC because of my passion for automobiles. I attended college and graduate school for degrees in mechanical and automotive engineering, but after several years in the corporate world, I was looking for a change of pace. Call me a round peg trying to fit a square hole…maybe some of you can relate?! So I began to develop my own designs for automotive inspired apparel and accessories. I hope you enjoy the first of several projects to come…Thanks!

SOURCE: Project 4tich Design Edition 1



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Porsche Sport Driving School has started in Russia

 by Porsche


Our aim is to improve driving skills on an ongoing basis, enabling to drive more safely and deal more effectively with hazards on roads. And yes, also to use the full dynamic potential of a Porsche on the racetrack. Starting with the basic fundamentals to professional driving skills. The Porsche Sport Driving School is now based in 14 different locations – across Europe, America, Asia and Australia and now also in Russia, kicking off in Ninzhniy Novgorod.

International Porsche Sport Driving Schools Locations – Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG


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Classic 1994 Marketing Video Porsche 911 993 Series Commercial – Are you listening?

Classic 1994 marketing video for the Porsche 911 (993 Series) television commercial….Great production if I may add. This was many years ago of course. Sweet promo piece…Patrick Stewart’s voice takes you back to the Porsche commercials for the 993, includes commentary by Hurely Haywood…This one’s definitely a keeper.

The voice that speaks to you, knows you better than any
other. The voice that knows what makes you happy. The voice knows what
makes you sad. The voice that knows.

There is a place not to far away, where people heard the voice
and listen, it said to them, build something. Build something pure.
Build something that isn’t temporary, disposable, build something to
inspire all those that experience it. Build a monument. ……….

“…looking for things that weren’t created, to be something to everyone… but everything to someone…”.
That sentence says a lot…


Music is by Deep Forest

 Porsche – “Are You Listening?”

Your heart is still speaking all you have to do is listen.

Like everything, LIFE is a journey. A journey
that begins with a beat of a heart. And the voice that comes with
it…the voice that we  haven’t yet been conditioned to ignore, so we
listen to what it tells us. We follow where it leads us, we trust it,
were children…we are happy, but somewhere between then and now, we
lose touch with the voice, no matter how closely it whispers, or how
loud it cry’s.

Instead are ears are tuned
to other things, like the stock reports, 6 o’clock news, then one day,
putting the forks in the dishwasher or mowing the lawn, we happened to
catch the glimpse of joy in our children’s faces….and we REMEMBER, what it felt like.

Remember ….what it felt like to listen to that voice in our
hearts…and go with it. Then suddenly out of nowhere this SPARK of
wisdom occurs. It becomes very clear. It’s NOT to late. Your heart’s still speaking. All you have to do is LISTEN. 

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