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 Porsche Drives Into Construction Site

Down by the Marina Green and the Marina Yacht Harbor in San Francisco, an inattentive Porsche driver has driven his fine German automobile into some roadwork along Marina Boulevard.

According to eyewitness reports on twitter, it took half a dozen city workers to dig out the vehicle, while the guy just sat in his car and assumed everyone else would do the work for him.

On Thursday, the driver of the  Porsche 911 decided he’d take a shortcut around some construction cones and drove straight into wet concrete near Marina Green on Marina Blvd. in San Francisco.

“It was coned off,” according to Bobswire, a user of the Paceline bike forums. “He was just trying to sneak in from a side street. [The] concrete looked solid.”

Bobswire reports that the hapless driver remained stuck in his car. “He didn’t want to open the door and have concrete get in; the whole undercarriage and brakes will need to [be] cleaned or replaced.”

Whether the uncured pavement was concrete, asphalt concrete, or just plain cement is up for debate.

What’s unquestionable, that this is far the best Lightning McQueen impression you ever seen since Cars ?

The unidentified male driver was navigating San Francisco’s hilly roads  last week when he reportedly swerved to get ahead of stopped traffic.

Instead, his own sports car came to a complete stop when he drove it right into a patch of wet cement.

Unfortunately for the driver, not only was he stuck,  but he was also caught on tape by Jim Gorzelany, an automotive writer for Forbes who just happened to be driving by and posted the incident on the magazine’s website.

Gorzelany reports the man stayed in his six-figure sports car as construction workers scurried to shovel the cement out from underneath the car’s wheels before the cement set even more.

The car was eventually removed, according to Gorzelany, but it was already too late. He says the likely damage will likely require replacing the car’s undercarriage.


Jim Gorzelany, an automotive writer for Forbes

Bobswire – a user of the Paceline bike forums


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