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In Event of RAPTURE/Judgement Day…this PORSCHE will be unmanned/Official Pace car May 21st…!!

[San Francisco] In Alameda Blog – By now you’ve probably heard the news — or seen the billboards and painted vans. According to one Oakland minister, this Saturday at 6 pm local time, the world is going to end. Read more: here…..

It’s pretty dire stuff, and by all accounts a lot of people, mostly with a fundamentalist Christian affinity, are at pains to make sure they are not left behind. The most visible evidence of this comes from people who have spent considerable sums of their personal fortunes to spread the message on placards, cars, billboards and every other form of mass communication they can think of — or afford — in hope of saving some straggling souls.

One person, has been warning Christians and heathens alike by driving around in a painted Porsche with Rapture messages.

“In case of Rapture, this Porsche will be unmanned, a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’ …driver will be unarmed, unlegged, unheaded, untorsoed…”

Now, how do the rest of us divide up the spoils left behind?

ok, I got dibs on….first the entire contents of the Porsche Museum, Versailles and the British Museum. Along with the Smithsonian and the Getty.

I further request the tracks at the Nürburgring and 24 Heures du Mans be at my disposal.

But the rest is all for you guys.

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The official pacecar of the May 21st rapture

24 Hours Of Lemons

24 hour lemons car.

See you on Facebook or Monday at work !!!


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