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Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – Profile of the champion Nick Tandy

Nick Tandy (GB) – Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 09 Hockenheimring 2011

“Contesting the Porsche Makes Cup was the best decision I ever made”

Nick Tandy (GB), Helmut Greiner – Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 09 Hockenheimring 2011

Stuttgart. Nick Tandy is the new champion of the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland. In an exciting finale, third place was enough for the Konrad Motorsport driver from Great Britain to beat his toughest rival of the season, Sean Edwards (Deutsche Post by tolimit), to the trophy.

Nick Tandy (GB) – Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 01 Hockenheimring 2011

Winning the title of Germany’s fastest one-make series is all the more impressive considering the extraordinary level of competition amongst the contenders.

“A huge dream has come true for me,” said the new champion. “To contest the Porsche brand trophy series is the best decision I ever made. I was never this successful before in racing.”

In the 22-year history of the championship, this marks only the second time that a non-German has won – and the first for a British citizen.

Nick Tandy (GB) – Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 01 Hockenheimring 2011

For 26-year-old Tandy, his title win in Hockenheim is quietly satisfying. It was here last year at the finale in the Motodrom that an accident in the first race lap shunted him out of contention for the championship.

Despite a brilliant debut season with five victories from nine rounds, the shooting star of 2010 had to settle for vice-championship honours, whilst Nicolas Armindo (France, Hermes Attempto Racing) took home the title. And in the international Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup as well, René Rast came out on top with Tandy again finishing as runner-up.

Tandy took off into the new season as the favourite – and promptly fulfilled all expectations with victory at round one.

“I drove away from the race in Hockenheim and knew that I would become champion this year,” he admits. “This might sound arrogant, but I was simply sure that I was strong enough.”

What he faced, however, was a roller-coaster ride. At round two in Zandvoort everything was turned upside down. Tandy rolled his 911 in free practice and also received a penalty for driving too fast under yellow. The high-flyer from the previous year had to take up the race from the back of the field – to drive, as he says himself,

“the race of my life”.

On a circuit that is not known for its overtaking opportunities, the Briton passed one rival after another. After the flag, an ecstatic Tandy climbed the podium in third.

“My car ran perfectly and I drove a faultless race,” he said. “It was crazy overtaking virtually all the competitors. In this case, third place felt much better than some of my victories.”

The British specialist car magazine Autosport wrote as a headline:

“Is this the new DTM star?”

Jaap van Lagen won the Spielberg race in torrential rain, with Tandy extending his lead with second place. He finished fourth on the Lausitzring, but remained at the top of the points’ table.

“The championship has become much tougher compared to last year,” he declared.

“The reason for this is that the level of performance has greatly increased. Moreover, in 2010 I learned that five wins in a season don’t automatically make you champion.”

Then comes the low point. As points’ leader, Tandy travels to the season highlight in the Eifel, where the Carrera World Cup is contested on a combination of the Grand Prix circuit and the Nordschleife.

Over motivated, Tandy crashes after ten minutes, retires and slides down the ranks to sit third overall. Sean Edwards moves to the top of the table.

Nick Tandy (GB) – Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 06 Norisring 2011

With a poorly set-up 911, he finds it almost impossible to stay on the track on the rained-out Norisring and wades his way to fifth.

Is Tandy’s star fading?

Edwards, in the meantime, celebrates his first Carrera Cup win as the ‘rainman’.

At the second race in the Eifel, this time on the Grand Prix course, the table turns. While in the lead, Edwards’s Porsche 911 GT3 Cup suffers a puncture in the final lap.

Nick Tandy (GB) – Porsche Carrera World Cup – Nürburgring 2011

Tandy, trailing him like a shadow, inherits victory and takes his place back at the top of the points.

“I’ve had my share of bad luck this season,” he says almost defiantly. “Now lady luck has returned.”

With an immaculate drive to victory at the penultimate race in Oschersleben, the Briton further extends his lead. In heavy rain, his rival Edwards finishes fifth. Nick Tandy arrives at the finale with a twelve-point advantage, he posts the quickest time in both free practices – throwing down the gauntlet to his fellow compatriot. He clinches pole position and with third place secures the long-awaited championship title.

Nick Tandy (GB) – Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 07 Nürburgring 2011

Fundamentally, the 2011 season is a mirror image of the new champion’s career, which didn’t take the usual route and is strongly influenced by British racing.

“I’m not your normal kart kid,” he says.

Nick Tandy (GB)

With his twin brother Joe, he honed his reflexes in the so-called ministocks – a Mini Cooper fitted with a type of bullbar – on small ovals.

“It was just huge fun,” reminisces Tandy. “But after four years we were asked to leave the series, we were getting a little too wild.”

Tandy then wins the competition for a single-seater class and enters the British Formula Ford Championship, which enjoys a cult status in the UK.

In 2007, Tandy wins the world final of the series, gets a cockpit in the national Formula 3 and achieves a raft of successes – until a blow of fate hits him hard.

In May 2009, his brother, who also competes in the Formula 3 team, dies in a traffic accident. Tandy’s career seems to stall.

Joe Tandy

Joe Tandy, 1983-2009

Perhaps the exceptional talent would have sunk into oblivion if it weren’t for Franz Konrad. The long-standing team boss of the successful Porsche racing squad is known as a talent scout.

In September 2009, he opens the way for the Briton to contest a Carrera Cup race. Tandy comes to Dijon with experience as a guest starter in the British Cup, qualifies in second in the rain and finishes second behind Jeroen Bleekemolen who was driving for the Konrad team in the Supercup.

“I could have won then,” says Tandy. “But obviously I didn’t want to go for Jeroen.”

Nick Tandy (GB) – Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland 2011

His gratitude to Franz Konrad is as real as the man himself.

“Without Franz I would be off the radar today and I would be earning my money in my profession in automotive glass and with some second job in motorsport. I’m extremely thankful to him.”

Tandy only stopped work as an automotive glass specialist in 2011. Last year when he wasn’t racing he still worked in his profession. And because he knows how, he helps his team when a windscreen needs changing.

Nick Tandy on…

… the competitiveness in the Carrera Cup Deutschland:
“Alongside the Supercup, the Carrera Cup is definitely the best and most popular national Porsche Cup. This year the competition was incredibly tough. Perhaps we were too good last year as a team. Compared to that, we seemed somehow clueless this year when things didn’t always run perfectly. But there were six different winners from the first six races in the Carrera Cup this season and that says volumes about the level of competition.”

… the accident at the Porsche World Cup on the Nürburgring:
“The low point of my year. My first thought when I stood beside my stranded car in the forest was ‘what a stupid idea to come to the Nürburgring’. Then I berated myself: What an idiot! The accident cost me the points’ lead in the Carrera Cup and the Supercup. That meant a lot of prize money went down the drain, and we really needed it because our budget for the season was really tight. Financially, we just made it from weekend to weekend.”

…his rival from last year Nicolas Armindo:
“I was mostly affected by how much bad luck Nicolas experienced as reigning champion this season. I tried to imagine how I would feel if it had happened to me – a horrible thought!”

… his dreams:
“I’m convinced that the bosses in the series above the Carrera Cup and Supercup of the Porsche one-make series are watching and I’m sure that they know I’ve done a great job here. Perhaps someone will notice me. My big dream would be to drive NASCAR. Even as a small boy I watched TV and dreamed of oval racing in the USA.”

… his long-time partner Brittany McKenzie:
“I’d be nothing without Brittany. We’ve known each other since I was seven and we’ve been together for almost six years. Without her I’d probably not make it to the circuits, I’d not catch my planes and I’d be sleeping in a truck rather than a hotel. Brittany organises almost all my motorsport life.”

… his basic principle in competition:
“I love a challenge and that also crosses over into my hobbies. I love to play darts or golf and I play both particularly well when it’s a competition and I have to beat an opponent. Hobbies or sports without any real competition is not for me. I’m ambitious. I’d be happy to manage a round of golf in 82.”

Nick Tandy (GB) – Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 09 Hockenheimring 2011

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SOURCE: Porsche AG Media Press Database


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Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland race report: Nicki Thiim narrowly wins turbulent race!

Start: Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 04 Lausitzring 2011

Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, round 4 on the Lausitzring

Nicki Thiim (DK)
Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 04 Lausitzring 2011

Nicki Thiim narrowly wins turbulent race

Nicki Thiim (DK)
Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 04 Lausitzring 2011

Stuttgart. Fourth race, fourth winner – and 24 laps of high suspense: The Lausitzring race of the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland was a real thriller. Cup-returnee Nicki Thiim from Denmark won his first race at Germany’s one-make series brilliantly but by a very narrow margin.

Nicki Thiim (DK)
Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 04 Lausitzring 2011

Sean Edwards (GB), Nicki Thiim (DK), Nick Tandy (GB)
Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 04 Lausitzring 2011

Only 0.3 seconds separated the Hermes Attempto pilot from Sean Edwards (Great Britain, Deutsche Post by tolimit) in second.

Sean Edwards (GB)
Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 04 Lausitzring 2011

Third place went to Nick Tandy. Driving for Konrad Motorsport, the Briton heads to round five – which takes place at the Porsche Carrera World Cup as the season highlight – as points’ leader.

Nick Tandy (GB)
Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 04 Lausitzring 2011

On 25 June at the Nürburgring, more than 100 competitors from one-make race series worldwide tackle the greatest Porsche race in history.

Fans were treated to gripping racing already at the start of round four on the 3.748 kilometre Lausitzing.

Sean Edwards (GB), Nicki Thiim (DK), Nick Tandy (GB)
Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 04 Lausitzring 2011

Tandy, who started from fourth, took the outside line and in the first corner surprised pole-sitter Thiim and second in the qualifying, Supercup champion, René Rast (Germany, Förch Racing), by passing them. Behind the leading trio a turbulent scene developed. The first victim was reigning champ Nicolas Armindo. The Frenchman (Hermes Attempto Racing) became sandwiched between two opponents and landed in the gravel trap. Two laps later it was René Rast’s turn: out after a light nudge from Robert Renauer (Germany, Herberth Motorsport). Uwe Alzen (Germany, PZ Aschaffenburg Uwe Alzen Automotive) retired as a result of the collision with Armindo.

The fight at the top was extremely gripping.

At times, only six-hundredths of a second separated Tandy, Thiim and Edwards The leader was finding it increasingly difficult to fend off the two rivals. In the ninth lap came the crunch point. At the end of the back straight, Tandy ran with understeer too far to the outside, Thiim and Edwards slipped through and were able to pull away from Tandy.

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The current points’ leader then came under pressure from Zandvoort winner Jeroen Bleekemolen (Team Deutsche Post by tolimit) and Martin Ragginger (Schnabl Engineering). The Dutchman and the Austrian delivered a fair fight over much of the sprint, with Bleekemolen putting in an immaculate drive to hold the upper hand. Fourth at the flag put him in second overall, but he shares the same points’ tally as his tolimit teammate Edwards in third, followed by Ragginger in fourth.

Three Carrera Cup newcomers profited from the retirements. David Jahn from Germany finished sixth in the Lausitz, and brought home a better result than his team boss and colleague Uwe Alzen, and his second top ten result.

The 2010-rookie Stefan Wendt (Germany) planted his Attempto Racing 911 on seventh ahead of specialist Jan Seyffarth (Germany, SMS Seyffarth Motorsport). Two Cup debutants Philipp Frommenwiler (Switzerland, Attempto Racing) and Damian Sawicki (Poland, Förch Racing) celebrated their ninth and tenth place as if they were a victory.

Nicki Thiim (winner):

“The race was exciting. After Tandy snatched us both in the first corner I thought I wouldn’t regain my position. But then I noticed that he was experiencing problems so I stuck to him like glue and waited for a mistake. But at the same time I had to contend with huge pressure from Edwards. I’m so happy I’ve managed to bring home my first Carrera Cup victory!”

Sean Edwards (second):

“Great race! Even though I was obviously annoyed I missed out on my first Carrera Cup win by such a close margin. My car was perfectly set-up but it was not possible to get past Nicki unscathed.”

Nick Tandy (third):

“That was one of the most difficult races of my life. After a light nudge in the first corner with Nicki Thiim, my car no longer ran perfectly. I heard strange noises and it was very hard to control. Considering this, I’m pleased with third place and the points’ lead.”

Sean Edwards (GB), Nicki Thiim (DK), Nick Tandy (GB)
Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 04 Lausitzring 2011

Race result
1. Nicki Thiim (DK), Hermes Attempto Racing, 34:50.590 minutes (143.739 km/h)
2. Sean Edwards (GB), Team Deutsche Post by tolimit, + 0.379 seconds
3. Nick Tandy (GB), Konrad Motorsport, + 4.763
4. Jeroen Bleekemolen (NL), Team Deutsche Post by tolimit, + 5.450
5. Martin Ragginger (A), Schnabl Engineering, + 5.810
6. David Jahn (D), PZ Aschaffenburg Uwe Alzen Automotive, + 15.781
7. Stefan Wendt (D), Attempto Racing, + 17.995

Drivers’ classification after 4 of 9 races
1. Nick Tandy (GB), 70 points
2. Jeroen Bleekemolen (NL), 62
3. Sean Edwards (GB), 62
4. Martin Ragginger (A), 42
5. Jaap van Lagen (NL), 39
6. Nicki Thiim (DK), 38

Team classification after 4 of 9 races
1. Team Deutsche Post by tolimit, 124 points
2. Konrad Motorsport, 90
3. PZ Aschaffenburg Uwe Alzen Automotive, 47

Round five of the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland takes place as part of the Porsche Carrera World Cup on 25 June on the Nürburgring (combination Grand Prix circuit/Nordschleife).

Source:  Porsche Press Media Database

Public Relations and Media
Motor and Sports Press


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Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, Rd 4 on the Lausitzring, qualifying: Nicki Thiim on pole position

Nicki Thiim (DK)
Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 04 Lausitzring 2011

Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland

Nicki Thiim relegates favorites down the grid

Stuttgart. The fight at the top of the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland remains lively at round four. At the end of a gripping qualifying session Nicki Thiim snatched his first pole position. The 22-year-old Dane turned the quickest lap on the 3.478 kilometre Lausitzring circuit in 1:24.727 minutes.

Nicki Thiim (DK)
Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 04 Lausitzring 2011

Driving for Hermes Attempto Racing, he easily outstripped points’ leader Nick Tandy and last year’s winner Nicolas Armindo.

René Rast (D)
Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 04 Lausitzring 2011

Förch Racing pilot and champion of the international Porsche Mobil1 Supercup, René Rast (Germany), planted his 911 GT3 Cup on the second grid spot, 0.163 seconds shy of the pole-sitter.

Nicki Thiim, son of former DTM champion Kurt Thiim, already contested the German Carrera Cup in 2009. After claiming third as his best result and five further top ten placings, he concluded the season ranking fifth overall as the best rookie. Thiim made a promising start to the 2011 season with third qualifying place in Hockenheim. In the race, however, his team made a wrong tyre choice which prevented a top result. After a 14th and two eighth places, the Dane heads into tomorrow’s 24-lap sprint ranking only tenth overall.

Robert Renauer (D)
Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 04 Lausitzring 2011

Third in the qualifying on the Lausitzring went to Robert Renauer.

Robert Renauer (D)
Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 04 Lausitzring 2011

Driving for Herberth Motorsport, the German yielded a surprising first pole position from the season-opening qualifying session. However, after missing out on two rounds, his position in the championship standings plays no role. The opposite is the case for the driver starting from the second row alongside Renauer – points’ leader Nick Tandy.

Nick Tandy (GB)
Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 04 Lausitzring 2011

In the final moments of the qualifying, the Briton failed to crack Thiim’s lap time. At the wheel of his Konrad Motorsport 911, last year’s second place-getter took a journey into the gravel trap.

Nick Tandy (GB)
Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 04 Lausitzring 2011

The two Deutsche Post by tolimit pilots are also not particularly thrilled with their grid positions in the third row.

Sean Edwards from Great Britain already has four Supercup wins under his belt and was determined to finally achieve a top result in the German brand trophy series on the Lausitzring. Jeroen Bleekemolen had also hoped for more.

Jeroen Bleekemolen (NL)
Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland – 04 Lausitzring 2011

Sitting second on the points’ table, the Dutchman has notched up a clear lights-to-flag victory at his home race in Zandvoort this season.

Austria’s Martin Ragginger (Schnabl Engineering) and Nicolas Armindo (Hermes Attempto Racing) share the fourth grid row in seventh and eighth respectively.

For the champion from France, the result is a bitter disappointment and a continuation of a difficult season so far. The two drivers behind are also seasoned campaigners in the Porsche one-make race series.

Jan Seyffarth (Germany, SMS Seyffarth Motorsport) was the 2008 Carrera Cup vice-champion, and Uwe Alzen is three-time champion of the Supercup and the Carrera Cup. In the closing phase of the qualifying, tyre damage prevented Alzen from Germany (PZ Aschaffenburg Uwe Alzen Automotive) from hunting for a better time.

The Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland race is shown live on the official website ( On 24 June, TV station Sport1 broadcasts a race review, interviews and reports from 16.30 to 17.00 hours in the ‘Carrera Cup Magazin’.

Nicki Thiim (pole-sitter):

“I could have cried with relief because until now it just wasn’t working. Mostly I’m pleased for my team. The breakthrough came today when I managed all sectors perfectly and with total concentration. The field is so incredibly close that you only have a chance when everything comes together one hundred percent.”

René Rast (second qualifier):

“I’m completely happy with second on the grid. In fact, this position could even be better than the pole. I took off from first on the grid here three years ago and was promptly overtaken by the second starter at the first corner.”

Robert Renauer (third qualifier):

“To be honest, I hadn’t expected to do so well after taking a break for the last two races. In Hockenheim I experienced bad luck from pole position. So a podium result tomorrow would be great, but I know I have a lot of drivers breathing down my neck wanting the same thing. It’ll be exciting.”

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Qualifying result:
1. Nicki Thiim (DK), Hermes Attempto Racing, 1:24.727 minutes
2. René Rast (D), Förch Racing, + 0.163 seconds
3. Robert Renauer (D), Herberth Motorsport, + 0.164
4. Nick Tandy (GB), Konrad Motorsport, + 0.339
5. Sean Edwards (GB), Team Deutsche Post by tolimit, + 0.363
6. Jeroen Bleekemolen (NL), Team Deutsche Post by tolimit, + 0.455
7. Martin Ragginger (A), Schnabl Engineering, + 0.490
8. Nicolas Armindo (F), Hermes Attempto Racing, + 0.533
9. Jan Seyffarth (D), SMS Seyffarth Motorsport, + 0.629
10. Uwe Alzen (D), PZ Aschaffenburg Uwe Alzen Automotive, + 0.992

SOURCE: Porsche Press News Media Database

Public Relations and Media
Motor and Sports Press


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