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VIDEO: Porsche LMP1 Regulations and Technology

2014 will see the introduction of completely new rules for the FIA World Endurance Championship and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

These rules will restore prototype sport to the status which has always been a hallmark of the highest class in long-distance motor racing: putting tomorrow’s technologies through their paces today in the toughest of motorsports tests.

The LMP1 Regulations and Technology

The LMP1 Regulations and Technology

Find out about the technical challenges in the new WEC regulations for the Porsche 919 Hybrid, our contestant for the 2014 24h of Le Mans in this video.


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The speed, the excitement, the competition, the danger, just everything. “Racing is Life”….

It is difficuilt to find good super slow motion footage from races, but when they are shown they’re awesome. Things are happening too fast in the motor racing world that sometimes you need to see the whole action in slow motion.

These slow motion video’s are Mattzel89‘s way to describe the awesomeness of racing, and I think every petrolhead on this planet will thank him for this great video. This video is the third of the Racing in Slow Motion series, you can see the first two parts below, they are worth your time too.

Slow Motion 3

Just know this is a long and slow video, if you’re not prepared to sit through 8 minutes of slow motion, move on. This is for the motorsports fans. A stunning collection of 3 video’s that captures racing in a way that we usually don’t get to see it in the fine details..

Slow Motion 2

Racing is often so fast paced that the human eye misses details…..

Slow Motion 1

“super slow motion” videos for an incredible look at the details the human eye can miss …

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