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Help Save The Nürburgring! Initiative to Save the Nordschleife

Help Save The Nürburgring! Initiative to Save the Nordschleife

Feb 11th, 2011 – update

IMPORTANT NEWS TO ALL MOTORSPORT – Save the Ring!!! – Nürburgring Nordschleife –
Court Injunction against N-Forum. – 11 Feb, 2011 –

Save The Ring Sad news: new Nurburgring operator Mr Richter got granted an injunction by the county court against Mike Frison and his Nurburgring forum. Mike decided to close it down. However, he will now appeal, here are the details:

SAVE THE RING! – to preserve Nordschleife for Motorsport use

Your Help is needed to “Save The Nürburgring”

Published by Eamonn O’Doherty on Jan 01, 2011

Petition to sign:

Region: Germany

Target: Joaquin Almunia, Vice-President of EU-Commission.

Background (Preamble):

From 2007 – 2009 the German government built a huge Leisure Park at the Nürburgring. It is based on fake visitor numbers, over sized and badly executed. Most of the time it is an empty ghost town. Once promised as private investment, it is now based on a debt of 350+ million EUR public money.

Instead of pulling the plug they rented the park, including both race tracks to exactly the same privateers who were driving forces behind the Leisure Park’s initial private setup.

Without Racing experience they are since experimenting with events completely unrelated to Motor-sport all under the iconic “Nürburgring” brand name.

They now want Nordschleife to pay for the huge losses. Tourist drives are at a record high, plus a 5 times increase in rent for the automotive industry for their prototype testing sessions.

What Needs To Be Done?

  • Separate Nordschleife from ring°park.
  • Let Nürburgring be Motor-sport.
  • Value the great heritage and tradition, rather than Roller Coasters.
  • Let the Ring be run by Motor-sport experts.

Please show your support and sign the petition


We, the undersigned, call for the EU-Commission to take action to Save The Nürburgring and Replace the owners with Motor-sport experts and don’t let the heritage of the Nürburgring be lost.

Sign the petition


Here is the signature map for the petition Your Help is needed to “Save The Nürburgring”. Here you may browse various locations provided by signers and view where signers are geographically clustered. Please note that maps do NOT identify any particular signer, nor are they intended to. The maps are simply designed to give a geographical overview of supporter interest.

(Maps without signature markers indicate that no signature locations are available for public viewing. Please allow 30 seconds for the map to load.)

In 1927 one of the worlds greatest race tracks was opened to the public after two years of construction. The track created legends.

NurburgRing Poster via

Facebook Page – Initiative to Save the Nordschleife

See Sabine’s Season’s Greetings and support Save The Ring!

Germany’s Nürburgring is the world’s automotive playground. A public park for gearheads. Sadly, it’s been handed over to privateers who’ve put the entire ‘Ring at risk. Michael Frison of explains why we need to save the Nürburgring! —Ed. Blog: (Mike’s Profile:

You might be surprised by reading this headline and I’m aware the subject has not gained much awareness abroad, but there’s currently a serious threat to the Nürburgring.

Since it’s opening in 1927, the Nurburgring has been under complete public ownership and administration, but in May of this year the complete Nurburgring race track and park was rented out to two privateers (Kai Richter, Jörg Lindner). They have no motorsports background whatsoever, but are the driving forces behind the makeover, which includes the addition of a theme park with a new roller coaster that doesn’t work, more hotel capacity than the area needs, a 3,000-seat event arena, and a shopping mall. Everything appears to be far too big and remains empty most of the time.

They promised private financing, but this soon turned out to be a fake. The Minister of Finance had to resign as a consequence. Despite lack of funding completion of the project continued.

(NOTE: Video is in German, if you go to the video on Youtube , check the recent comments. You will find English)

The heavy burden now sitting on Nordschleife’s shoulder is the debt of approximately 400 Million Euros, which seems completely unnecessary considering complete race tracks have been constructed for a fraction of this amount.

The issue is complex and has kept fans of the ‘Ring busy, but I want to share with you what just happend last week: Nürburgring officials always claim a total of two million visitors per year, but in true Wikileaks style we got ahold of an older internal document (PDF) telling a different story. Promoters always engage in number polishing, but this is of different quality. It appears there’s double bookkeeping for real vs. published visitors for all events held at the Ring. Have a look at the graph summarizing the figures:
Save The Nürburgring!

Who would dare to claim two million spectators while only 370,000 actually turned up? The Nürburgring did and they based the business plan of the new leisure park on these numbers.

You don’t believe me? Ask Sabine next time you meet her. Several investigations have already been triggered by the Department of Public Prosecution, a governmental board of inquiry and the competition department of the European Commission.

And anyone who criticizes the current direction of the ‘Ring is answered with force. Wilhelm Hahne — the oldest of the racing Hahne brothers (his brother Armin finished 6th last weekend at the track) — had his house searched in June of last year and as recent as last week received again a warning letter from the Nürburgring lawyers for speaking the truth.

It really hurts to get sucked into politics and to witness how they treat the heritage we all love. The worst that could happen is enthusiasts be forced to pay the price of a privateer’s blunder in the form of higher prices or worse.

Please spread the word if you care about Nordschleife and its heritage. Follow (the documentary community site accompanying the development) and question the information shared by officials.

Michael Frison founded the Nurburgring site 10 years ago (ever seen the red-and-white-N logo when at the ‘Ring?). He’s also the person behind the movies (you have probably seen Hans Stuck / BMW M3 GTR / Nordschleife Onboard), and donated the engine/idea of the Gixxerkart. He wears a Che Geuvara T-Shirt when he drives the ‘Ring.

Post is copied direct from Jalopnik

There is a good English summary posted to the youtube video:Nürburgring Finanz (Financial) Desaster – SAVE THE RING!

Save The Ring

Just a short summary: Once upon a time there was a famous race track owned by the German state Rheinland Pfalz. Prime minister was Beck, financial minister was Deubel. As Schumania was going down the business went down, too, at the race tra…ck. Of course there was no business at all in the cold season of? the year. So the plan was make the Ring more attractive. The politicians installed Kaffitz as head of the Ring Ltd. 

They were planning to go big with some all season entertainment stuff and so on. Looking for an investor they found Richter as an entertainment park inventor – not investor as he states, they must have missed that point! However the? plans look nice with value of 94 mio €. Before of course some other mios had been spent on consultants and money greedy folks. So construction started in 2007. When politica discovered that there was no money behind Richter they supported him with some special financial tricks. Tax payers money went through hidden channels to the Ring all managed by financial minister Deubel. When the buildings where finished (@18:30) the expected visitiors from 150miles away still? stayed away. Nobody’s traveling that far for that bullshit. Same with that SpacePark in Bremen earlier before. Oh wonder: the concept was from nearly the same managers! Early sceptism and critic from natives like Mrs. Schmitz and Mr. Kragl where kept down. Mr. Hahne is a famous and critical journalist, same with him. If this was taking place in southern Italy he would be found under a layer of tarmac I guess.

So it go built and when finished still no private investor was found. Deubel was in contact with that Barandun (@24:20) a Swiss? credit broker. He promised to find investors. The politicians believed in the miracle and even provided 180 mio € for unknown reasons to Swizz guy. He kept them waiting and showed up with some guy DuPont and 67mio €.

Politicians published “Everything solved, private investor found!”. However there was no money. And DuPont ist not from the rich famous chemical dynasty but just a check blackleg. Dumb looking faces of dumb politicians @34:30. Who’s gonna pay for up to now 330mio € for a non working roller coaster, an expensive shopping are and a non visited artificial village that no one wants? Everyone = the tax payer. Welcome to the real life in? Germany. The state took it all over and Richter is head of

The state took it all over, Richter was “rewarded” as becoming new general manager of the Ring. Kaffitz was fired and is now of AbuDhabi race track. At? least prosecution department has startes investigations against Kaffitz, Richter and Deubel because of betrayal of confidence and/or beguilement.


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