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VIDEOS:Porsche Human Performance Centre – get a racing driver figure with Porsche

VIDEOS:Porsche Human Performance Centre – get a racing driver figure with Porsche
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Porsche Human Performance Centre:…

Porsche Human Performance Centre at Silverstone UK recognizes that the most important component of any vehicle is the driver and is dedicated to improving well being, fitness and competitive performance.

Fit to race?

Take some time to view the videos below that can give you a greater understanding of the Porsche Human Performance Centre for one’s health and driving-specific fitness levels. The centre is there for advice, exercise and nutritional plans are prescribed to provide structure and motivation to achieve ones goals. A heat chamber is available for specialist acclimation training for racing drivers and endurance athletes prior to racing in hot climates.

Not all of us are fortunate enough go to the Porsche Human Performance Centre in the UK, however one can benefit from viewing the videos to better understand the extensive training that goes into a car racing drivers as a true athlete of  the track.

Porsche Human Performance offer lab testing and training services for endurance athletes in a range of sports including triathlon, cycling, running and rowing. All assessments include detailed body composition analysis, an aerobic test to determine lactate threshold, VO2 max, heart rate training zones and a written report containing all results.

Good visual skills, reactions and responses are critical for drivers at all levels both on the road or on the track. At Porsche Human Performance they use the BATAK machine amongst other devices and techniques to assess and improve visual skills and hand eye coordination.

The annual ‘Get Race Fit’ event, held at The Porsche Experience Centre Silverstone, is hosted each January by the Porsche Human Performance Team and is designed to educate and inspire drivers in ways to get fit for the upcoming racing season. This year 2011 the special guest was Formula One driver Mark Webber, who shared his unique insight and experience into the importance of fitness in top level motorsport.

Competing in the heat is one of the biggest challenges faced by any driver or athlete. At Porsche Human Performance they have a thermostatically controlled training room where one can simulate the high cockpit temperatures encountered in racing cars and hot countries to allow drivers and athletes to acclimate to the conditions without leaving the UK.

Replacing the electrolytes lost in sweat not only helps racing drivers and athletes to remain optimally hydrated but it can stop cramping and prevent performance dropping away in hot or arduous conditions. The difficulty is that everyone loses electrolytes in varying amounts. At Porsche Human Performance we offer a service to evaluate sweat sodium losses and advise drivers and athletes what sports drinks and supplements to use to replace their individual losses accurately.

The Inbody analyzer used at Porsche Human Performance measures a drivers’ weight, body fat mass, body water and lean muscle mass. It is an excellent tool for providing an insight into someone’s basic fitness and tracking changes to the body that result from training or nutritional programmes.

A wellness check with Porsche Human Performance takes just 30 minutes and gives you a huge amount of information about your cardiovascular health. It includes Inbody body composition analysis, blood cholesterol and glucose testing and a blood pressure check. A comprehensive consultation on the results highlights any areas in which it would be desirable to improve and offers suggestions on how to go about this.


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